Early Literacy Game: Bring Me Something That Begins With A...

For this week’s early literacy game, we’re taking objects from around the house to boost those early literacy skills. This one is called Bring Me Something That Begins With A… Like all of the games we highlight here, you can adapt this one to your child’s ability level as they progress.

Bring Me Something That Begins With A…

Ability level: pre-reader

Directions: Get started by telling your child to find an object around the house that begins with a certain sound. For example, take the /sh/ sound. You say, “Find me something that begins with /sh/.” Your child then returns with a shoe.

Next, your child asks you to find something that begins with a different sound that begins a word. Take turns playing with different sounds.

Benefits: This game is a great way to have your child thinking and identifying sounds in the beginning of words.

Be sure to follow along to catch the next game. In the meantime, have fun! If you would like more information about other fun early literacy games, check out sightwords.com.