Helping Your Child's Development Through Affection

When it comes to making your child feel happy and loved, you show them affection and share special moments together. That much is obvious, but did you know that a hug and a kiss actually creates a reaction in your child’s brain to produce a special hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin is a natural reaction in the brain that occurs when we make connections with others. The benefits associated with oxytocin include stress reduction, increased happiness, and health. One great way to promote emotional and physical health in your child is by ensuring they receive oxytocin by showing your affection.

Showing affection when your child cries by cuddling, kissing, or singing, for example, not only helps to produce that special stress-reducing hormone, your actions also help shape your child’s development of social and behavioral skills of their own.

As your child grows, it’s important to be aware of their development by checking for milestones. There are different milestones to watch for you to watch for. According to the CDC, 75% or more of children can hit these milestones by the corresponding ages. Actions like walking, smiling, and waving are examples of milestones to watch for. The CDC even makes it easier for parents to keep track of these important milestones with an app you can find here and an easy-to-use digital checklist

There’s a lot to love about oxytocin, so be sure to express your love for your child through genuine affection as they develop and grow!