Important Milestones at 30 Months

30 months is an exciting milestone in itself! At this two and a half year mark, there are some important things to keep track of your child grows and develops. As always, address any questions or concerns you may have with your child’s doctor. Here’s what most 30-month-olds can do:


  • Plays next to other children, but also sometimes plays with them too

  • Says “Look at me!” to show what they’re doing

  • Follows simple routines—for example: when you say “clean up time,” your child helps to pick up the toys


  • Is saying around 50 words

  • Says two or more words together, like ”cat jumps”

  • Will respond with what something is in a book when you point to it and ask: What is this?

  • Says “I,” “We,” or “Me”"


  • Uses things to pretend—like feeding a block to a doll, pretending the block is food

  • Engages in simple problem solving—like standing on a stool to reach something

  • Will follow two-step instructions, like “put the toy down and close the door”

  • Knows at least one color—when you ask which crayon is green, they point to the correct one


  • Twists things like doorknobs and unscrews lids with their hands

  • Takes some clothes off without help, like an open coat or loose pants

  • Jumps with both feet off the ground

  • Turns pages, one at a time, as you read to them

Remember, you know your child best. Talk with your child’s doctor about any of your concerns and ask about developmental screening.

Looking for tips and activities to do with your child to assist in their learning and development? Visit the CDC’s milestones pages here.

Ethan GormleyBabies, Toddlers