Important Milestones at 4 Years

Four years is certainly an exciting time. Now that your child is 4, here’s a checklist from the CDC to keep track of your child’s growth and development. Whenever you have questions or concerns you have should discuss them with your child’s doctor. Here’s what most 4-year-olds can do at this age:


  • Plays pretend as someone else, like a teacher, a superhero, or a dog

  • Asks if they can play with other kids if there aren’t any around

  • When someone is hurt or sad, they offer comfort

  • Avoids danger, like jumping from tall heights at the playground

  • Enjoys being a helper

  • Changes behavior based on the location, like the doctor’s office or the library or the playground


  • Puts together sentences with four or more words

  • Says words from a song, story, or nursery rhyme

  • Talks about at least one thing that happened during their day, like: “I played basketball.”

  • Can answer simple questions, like: “What is a crayon for?”


  • Can names a few colors of items

  • Can tell the next part of a well-known story

  • Draws people with three or more body parts


  • Catches a large ball most of the time

  • With adult supervision, can serve themselves food or pour water

  • Unbuttons some buttons

  • Holds a crayon or pencil between their fingers and thumb—not a fist

Remember, you know your child best. Talk with your child’s doctor about any of your concerns and ask about developmental screening.

Looking for tips and activities to do with your child to assist in their learning and development? Visit the CDC’s milestones pages here.