Important Milestones at Fifteen Months

Now over a year old, your baby is somehow already at 15 months. Here’s some information on 15-month milestones to keep track of. As always, address any questions or concerns you may have with your child’s doctor. Here’s what most 15-month-olds can do at this age:


  • Copies other children during play time—for example: your little one grabs a toy out of a container after seeing another child grab a toy

  • Shows you objects that they like

  • Claps when excited

  • Hugs toys or stuffed dolls

  • Shows you affection with hugs, kisses, and/or cuddles


  • Tries one or two words besides “mama” or “dada,” like “ba” for ball or “da” for dog

  • Looks at a familiar object when you name it

  • Follows directions given by both words and gestures—for example: hands over a toy when you hold out your hand and say, “Give me the toy.”

  • Points to ask for something or to receive help


  • Tries using things the right way, like a phone, book, or cup

  • Stacks at least two objects, like blocks


  • Takes a few steps on their own

  • Uses their fingers to feed themselves bits of food

Remember, you know your child best. Talk with your child’s doctor about any of your concerns and ask about developmental screening.

Looking for tips and activities to do with your child to assist in their learning and development? Visit the CDC’s milestones pages here.

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