Family Literacy Month

It's family literacy month! It’s a great time to celebrate reading together as a family. 

Here are some tips to make reading extra fun:

- Take turns reading aloud. This is a great way to bond and share your love of literature.
- Make it interactive. Ask questions about the story as you go along, and encourage your child to do the same.

- Let your child choose the book. This will help them feel invested in the reading experience.

- Take breaks as needed! If your child is getting restless, take a break and come back to it later.

Looking for even more fun ways to celebrate reading with your family? Consider putting together a fun and simple DIY bookshelf. This is an excellent way to engage with reading and to make it an even bigger focus in your home. Once completed, talk to your child about their favorite books and pick up some new reading to fill the shelves!

Happy family literacy month!